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Power Step
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Power Step Australia is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of Safety Access Systems for all makes and models of large mobile equipment.

We also design, fabricate and distribute heavy-duty sun blinds and LED lights for a variety of applications.

Our headquarters is located in Brisbane, Queensland with product representatives and product distribution located throughout Australia, Asia, Africa and South America. Since 1992 Power Step Australia has taken great pride in providing reliable products and strong product support.

Our objective is to always provide highest quality products at low maintenance costs.

Our Power Step products are suited for a variety of industries that include:

  1. Mining
  2. Rail
  3. Transport
  4. Marine
  5. Aviation
  6. Engineering & Manufacturing 

Power Step has designed several types of safety Access Systems for the many large shovels and excavators operated in a diversified range of industries.

  • The design perfectly suited the application to hoist the operator from ground level to the machine’s walkway (approximately five to six meters above the ground).
  • The Power Step Access System is continually evolving with machine makes and models and continues to provide safety across most makes and models of shovels and excavators. 

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