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Mobile Access Systems - Working with OEM


Power Step understand the nature of the ever advancing heavy machinery design industry, and work closely with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to ensure our product line is continuously evolving and up-to-date.

The Original Equipment Manufacturers always provide very valuable information regarding the structure and make up of the machine main frame. This is critical information in the design of the mounting arrangement of every vehicle, aircraft, or marine access system.

In many cases, we will contact the OEM engineers to verify operating specifications; to ensure that the design of the mounting arrangement will meet the machine specifications.

Additionally, some OEMs have very strict regulations in relation to welding and drilling into the main frame; so all of this information is taken into consideration during the design and development of any access system.

Similarly, it is equally important to understand the OEM's electrical and hydraulic systems when designing park and swing brake interlocks for each make and model. We consider the OEMs' contribution very much an integral part of the development and design of the Power Step access systems.