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Power Step
Safe Work Platforms for Transport and Logistics

Power Step offers innovative engineering solutions for both rolling stock and depot maintenance. When it comes to providing access solutions both as an OEM vehicle/locomotive installation, or as an access platform, Power Step leads the way in the Pacific region.

We have an extensive knowledgebase of rail locomotive and freight vehicle sizes and designs, and can use our predesigned components to create a new and innovative product for your needs.

Our maintenance access platforms for vehicles and trains includes:

  • Roof Access – Both fixed and mobile designs, with variable carriage to access platform interface panels.
  • Steps/carriage maintenance access – Available with fixed handrail and optional step treads, the range of steps are easy to manoeuvre with stationary fixed feet or castor feet. Our range of bridging steps offer an excellent solution for safe passage across equipment areas, track areas or as working platforms with access steps from both sides.
  • Front access
  • Pit Access
  • Modular/Fixed Gantries – The Power Step modular access platform offers a unique and simple system that provides a rigid structure that can be easily arranged and configured to suit a multi-range of maintenance requirements, front and side access.

Designed to be used in various configurations for side or front access, the modular system incorporates a safe and easy interlock system that allows modules to be moved and re-positioned and locked together providing flexible working configurations with ergonomic shaped hand rails, that can be fixed or detachable.

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