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Power Step
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Complete Stair System for Large Vehicles

The Power Step Complete Stair Design includes three major sections: Power Step has successfully designed and manufactured several types of new Access Systems to suit a variety of applications including leading brands Caterpillar and Komatsu.

Complete Stair System

  • The Operators Cab Platform / Walkway with Handrail.
  • The Fixed Diagonal Stair (in front of the radiator cowling).
  • The Hydraulic or Pneumatic Folding Stair from bumper bar to ground level.
  • The Hydraulically Actuated Stair has an individual power pack (24V DC motor coupled to a hydraulic pump), which activates the hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the stair.
  • The folding stair can also be interlocked with the truck's park brake, so that the stair will automatically be stowed when the park brake is released.
  • A Full Stair Design- from the operator cab level to ground level.
  • A Bumper to Ground Level Folding Stair (Hydraulic or Pneumatic)
  • A Fixed Stair design for service trucks and water trucks.