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Filter Crushers - Used Oil Manual & OTC

The Power Step Filter Crusher is an environmentally friendly solution for all types of work sites and equipment using filters. 

On mining sites, workshops or bus depots, the Filter Crusher reduces the amount of waste for transport and eliminates accidental oil spills of remaining oil stored in the filter canisters. The Crusher works by separating the oil from the canister and filter media, and storing them in separate drums ready for collection.

  • Crushing Tower: fabricated from 16mm AS3678-250MA steel plate
  • Crushing Plate Structure: 362 x 362 x 1050 (12 mm plate)
  • Main Hydraulic Cylinder: 175mm Bore and 500mm Stroke [operating pressure 200 BAR]
  • Hydraulic Oil Reservoirs: integrated in the machine design and located either side of the crushing tower.
  • Hydraulic oil capacity: 100 litres
  • Hydraulic Power Pack: 11 kW WEG 3-phase Mining Specification Electric Motor
  • Hydraulic Control: PLC controlled solenoid operating CETOP 3 and CETOP 5 valves
  • The crushing Force: 52000 kgs [or 52 Tonnes]
  • Cycle time: 30 seconds
  • Crushing Chamber capacity: 4 to 5 large filters at a time

Two safety lockouts are fitted to the crushing chamber loading door. The crusher is designed not operate if loading door is open.