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Power Step
F.E.L & R.T.D
Folding Stair Assembly for Front End Loaders

The Power Step 45-degree stair with folding handrails provides safe access for Front End Loaders.

One hydraulic cylinder actuates the stair from the vertical position to the down-position. The handrails fold once the stair is stowed to minimize handrail or stair protrusion outside the machine's operating envelope.

Folding Stair Assembly

The One-Piece Stair is actuated by means of a hydraulic cylinder, which is operated via the standard Power Step Power Pack assembly.

The stair has folding handrails; so when the stair is stowed into the vertical position the handrails are also stowed against the stair structure to minimize any protrusion outside the machine's physical dimensions. 

The stair on larger models is stowed and latched to minimize the vibration during the machine's operation. This also reduces wear and tear on the pins and bushes in the hinged area.

F.E.L. R.T.D.2